2024 Holy Childhood Week Celebrations

As part of the 2024 Holy Childhood week celebrations, the church organized a special pilgrimage for the children service to the Holy Spirit Cathedral on 10th February with the aim of deepening the children’s understanding of their faith and the hierarchy of the Accra Archdiocese. The theme for the Holy Childhood week was “Spiritual Cooperation,” taken from the Gospel of Mark 10:14. The children visited the Grotto, the newly installed Stations of the Cross around the Cathedral and also saw the administrative structures on the compound. Finally, they took a tour of the Cathedral itself with where they saw many statues, the seat of the Archbishop and had the opportunity to climb the 255 stairs to see the Cathedral bells as well as the beautiful view of Accra. The children service excursion to the Holy Spirit Cathedral was a memorable experience, leaving the children with a deeper appreciation of the role of the Holy Spirit Cathedral in their faith and the Catholic church.

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