Parish Youth Council

The Parish Youth Council

Call:  Youth!                      Response:  Action! 

Call:  Youth!                       Response:  Action! 

Call: Catholic Youth!      Response: Action in Christ!

The Parish Youth Council (PYC) is the laity group responsible for the Youth Apostolate of the parish. It is the coordinating body of all activities of the organized or non-organized youth groups. It seeks to improve the spiritual, social and economic lives of its members through the organization of faith-inspired programs and social events. As the intermediary between the youth body and the parish (i.e. Parish Pastoral Council), the PYC is the mouthpiece of the youth in the parish. 


There are currently four (4) Youth Movements under the PYC namely;

  • Knights and Ladies of the Altar (KNOLTA)
  • Junior Knights and Ladies of Marshall
  • Junior Knights and Ladies of St. John International
  • Youth Choir (Echoes of Heaven Choir)

The PYC is constituted of 8 elected members and 1 representative each of the 4 youth movements.

Meeting days: 3rd Sunday of every month after 2nd Mass

For more information kindly contact:
Antoine Sasu Kondoh – 0273603188
Senam Philippine Kwakugah – 0245728900

Mr. Antoine Sasu Kondoh


Ms. Mary Horlu

Vice Chairperson

Ms. Philippine Senam Kwakugah


Ms. Doreen Gidi

Assistant Secretary
  • Organising Secretary
     Mr. Richmond Nyatsikor
  • Asst. Organising Secretary
     Mr. Stanley Phils Obeng
  • Financial Secretary
    Ms. Suzanna Arthur
  • Asst. Financial Secretary
    Ms. Elikem Graham
  • Member
     Ms. Cecelia Tamme
  • Member
    Ms. Rose-Annie Kanyire Jatoe-Kaleo
  • Member
    Ms. Charlene Asiedu
  • Member
    Mr. Prosper Gbonfou