– Mondays to Saturdays – 6:30 AM

– 1st Mass – 6:30 AM
– 2nd Mass – 9:00 AM
– 2nd Sunday of every month (One Mass) 8:00 AM

– Every Saturday Confessions: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM and Also available on request 

Catechism class is done on Sundays after the second mass. For those preparing for first communion, the catechumen should be 8 years or more. For those preparing for confirmation, the catechumen should be 12 years and above.
For more information kindly contact the parish office.

VISITATION OF THE SICK & HOMEBOUND Kindly inform the Parish Office of anyone who is sick or unable to attend Mass and arrangements will be made for them to receive Holy Communion at home.


Infant baptism takes place every third Saturday of the month. Infant baptism is for babies to age 7. Teachings are done Thursday before the day of the infant baptism. Parents and godparents must attend. For more information kindly call the parish office

MARRIAGE COUNSELLING & MARRIAGE Marriage counseling is done by a team of experts trained by the church. It is group counseling. Marriage counseling is a six months period. Those who are preparing for the sacrament of Holy matrimony must always have that in mind. You can only choose a date after you have gone through the counseling. To qualify to register for the counseling you must have been a parishioner for six months consistently and beyond. For more information kindly contact the priest.

– First Friday of the month Adoration and Mass 6:30 PM. Our adoration Chapel is open for personal prayer 24/7